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A little bit about me

Hey! I’m Bella. I’m not a big one for social media and shit, so my BFF, Shannon, has let me have the back room on her site. If you go looking for me, this is where you’ll find me. Think of it as virtual couch-surfing.

I write stories. Sexy stories. And my fantasy is what the characters in a tarot deck would get up to if they could – you’d be surprised at what they can come up with.

Since this is my first post, I won’t go into a lot of detail. Suffice to say, you can find my stories on (when I set up the link) and if you want to support me, you can do so through my Patreon page.

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And it’s the holiday season once again

I’ve been inconsistent with my blogs this year as Bella Duce will tell you. She’s hanging in there though and we hope to be back with our double act early in the new year. In the meantime, have a safe and happy Holiday Season, everyone 🙂 #evernightpublishing #steamyromance #spicychristmasromance #christmasromance

Spicy Bites 2018

The Spicy Bites anthology for 2018 took the theme of chains. There are lot of ways you can use chains in a spicy/erotic context. My story, “Cold, Gold Chains” used them as a form of appreciation when Niamh’s alter-ego Rhianna took Sam along on a new fantasy. Apart from my story, there are eleven other … Continue reading Spicy Bites 2018


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