Welcome to my world of sexy stories. I’ll call them sexy rather than erotic, because one person’s erotic is another person’s standard bedroom activity; one woman’s hardcore is another man’s titillation, if you get my meaning.

I wrote my first sexy story for Romance Writers of Australia’s 2018 Spicy Bites Anthology.

If you like good, well-written sexy stories with happy endings, you should get hold of that. All the stories were written around the theme of Chains.

The first Spicy Bites was published by RWAus in 2017 with the theme of  Tattoo. Each of the stories has been selected competitively, so you know that you’re getting only the best entries in each year.

The theme for 2019 is Mask and it promises to bring forth a whole new raft of sexy short stories when it’s published in August. The length of the stories is limited to 5000 words so you can read one with your morning coffee!

I’ve found I enjoy writing bite-sized, sexy moments, the ones that tantalize like warm honey dripped on budded nipples.  I’ve built up a small cache of the stories. I’ll let you know more about each one as it makes its way into the world. Every one has a happy ending – happy ever after or just happy for now, so they’ll lighten your spirits and maybe even give you a laugh. Enjoy!