And it’s the holiday season once again

When you’re gifted a box of sex toys for Christmas and then the guy you’ve been lusting after for years turns up on your doorstep, what’s a stressed-out CEO to do? Find out in A Steamy Christmas for the CEO.

I’ve been inconsistent with my blogs this year as Bella Duce will tell you. She’s hanging in there though and we hope to be back with our double act early in the new year. In the meantime, have a safe and happy Holiday Season, everyone 🙂

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Spicy Bites 2018

The Spicy Bites anthology for 2018 took the theme of chains. There are lot of ways you can use chains in a spicy/erotic context. My story, “Cold, Gold Chains” used them as a form of appreciation when Niamh’s alter-ego Rhianna took Sam along on a new fantasy.

Apart from my story, there are eleven other beautifully erotic romances in the collection. The book can be purchased from the Romance Writers of Australia shop:

Chains ~ Spicy Bites Anthology 2018 | Romance Writers of Australia (

A Steamy Christmas for the CEO

And it’s here!

A Steamy Christmas for the CEO has hit the virtual bookshelves. It’s a great story about loss and love and realising when a special someone is within reach at Christmas time. When friends become lovers and there are sex toys involved, you’ve got to know that there will be a happy ending in there somewhere.

I’d love to hear what you think of this spicy Christmas novella.

Happy Christmas everyone! And all the best for a wonderful year as the Year of the Pig transitions into the Year of the Rat. It’s a year to finally garner recognition for the work you put in during the year of the Pig. Enjoy!

Publication date for “Steamy Christmas for the CEO”

It’s less than a month until Steamy Christmas hits the virtual bookshelves thanks to Evernight Publishing.

December 5 is the day!

I’m excited. Kelly and Ewen have been waiting a while for the opportunity to get together. Now is their time.

Let me introduce you.

“Ewen’s head snapped toward the high-heeled intruder as she stalked toward his desk, carrying a brightly wrapped gift about twenty centimeters by ten. His eyes narrowed. He hadn’t heard a knock at the door. That could have been because he was engrossed in the material in front of him or maybe because it didn’t happen.
“Can I help you, Kelly?” God, only this woman had the power to turn him inside out with a smile, but she was the one woman who was out of bounds to him.”

Spicy Bites 2019

You will recall that I mentioned the 2017 and 2018 Spicy Bites anthologies from Romance Writers of Australia as having great sexy stories?

Well the good news is that I have a story again in this year’s anthology to be published next month at the RWAus conference in Melbourne.

The theme of this year’s anthology was “masks” and my offering is called “A Mask for Carnevale” and is set in Venice’s iconic Carnevale where exotic masks are worn by just about everyone.

This is the link to the 2019 Anthology: I hope you enjoy it.