Publication date for “Steamy Christmas for the CEO”

It’s less than a month until Steamy Christmas hits the virtual bookshelves thanks to Evernight Publishing.

December 5 is the day!

I’m excited. Kelly and Ewen have been waiting a while for the opportunity to get together. Now is their time.

Let me introduce you.

“Ewen’s head snapped toward the high-heeled intruder as she stalked toward his desk, carrying a brightly wrapped gift about twenty centimeters by ten. His eyes narrowed. He hadn’t heard a knock at the door. That could have been because he was engrossed in the material in front of him or maybe because it didn’t happen.
“Can I help you, Kelly?” God, only this woman had the power to turn him inside out with a smile, but she was the one woman who was out of bounds to him.”