A conversation with Bella about writing in May

Photo by Cristian Dina on Pexels.com

Shannon: Hi All, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Bella Duce. Did I say that right?

Bella: The Bella bit was fine, but I hold to the Italian version of Doo-cheh for my surname. The other makes me sound like I’m the deuce of hearts or something. You must know what I mean. I reckon you get all sorts of pronunciations for Slique, like Sliker or Slike instead of Sleek, yes?

Shannon: Well yes. But we’re not here to discuss names as such.

Bella: You raised it.

Shannon: Fine, now I’m ending it. I can see we’re going to have some interesting discussions.

Bella: I hope so, chuckle.

Shannon: You’re using a spare page on my web-site. Tell us all what that’s about.

Bella: Us beginning influencers all have to start somewhere, but starting costs money, so I thought, why not ride your coat-tails to see where I’m going with this. Are you regretting it?

Shannon: Not at all. It’s great to have someone younger around the place to bounce ideas off. And you’re going to be writing stories?

Bella: Sorry to jump the gun, but I’ve already started. You can check out my first one on https://www.youporn.com/read/17600/justice/

Shannon: Is that a porn site?

Bella: Hehe. I didn’t think I could shock a fellow writer of erotic work. If the naked bodies bother you, ignore them and scroll on down to Erotica. There’s a host of great erotic stories—enough to have you steaming up for weeks.

Shannon: I thought you were going to clear stories with me before you posted?

Bella: Hmm, if the thought of visiting a porn site has you all hot and bothered, you can see why I didn’t. My stuff is spicy. I explore fucks of all shapes and sizes. You’re more the Happy-Ever-After, sex-with-strings, girl and I’m in for whatever comes my way.

Shannon: Hmph. Tell me more about what you’ve posted.

Bella: The stories are based around characters in the tarot deck who go to party-dates, private and public, organised by a mysterious guy called the Emperor. No one seems to know who he is, but he’s definitely the one pulling the strings. He assigns tarot names to people who join the club depending on where they are in life. We’ll work through the deck to expose all their kinky stories.

Shannon: Tarot is an interesting angle. Aren’t you worried the woo-woo spirits will be angry?

Bella: You’re sweet to worry, but nah, it’s under control.

Shannon: Who is your first victim?

Bella: I’ve started with Justice. In her day job, she’s a journalist. She loves her sex, and she loves helping others to get more out of it. In this first story, she’s teaching a hetero-couple about a good blow job.

Shannon: If she’s a journalist, won’t she, er, blow the whole deal wide open? Or expose the people she’s playing with?

Bella: Not right now. She’s too into it. In the future? Who knows? It’s all part of the mystery and tension, I guess. What about you? What will you be writing this month?

Shannon: I’ve pulled a story out of the bottom drawer to have another go. I can’t decide whether it’s a novella or a novel. Should I keep it short and hot, or draw it out so they get their happy ending?

Bella: Your happy ending means something different from mine (snicker). I get a happy ending every fucking story and it doesn’t mean white picket fences. Hot pumping fucks give everyone a happy ending.

Shannon: We’re on totally different wavelengths.

Bella: Don’t go all prudish on me. Your guys have fun sex too. In fact, I’m going to borrow that box of toys Ewan and Kelly used in A Steamy Christmas for the CEO. Going to work with jiggle balls in place? That was inspirational. Keeps me hot and ready all day.

Shannon: I’m not prudish! This story I’m working on begins in a brothel. What do you think about that?

Bella: If it’s sex between consenting over-age people I don’t care where it happens, frankly. The research will be interesting. Oops. Now you’re blushing. You can’t be a serious erotic writer and still blush.

Shannon: I’ll ignore that. Tell us who your victim is this month, so we can close off this interview.

Bella: I’ve got two on the go and will decide which will get precedence. The Five of Coins is about a young woman who sees herself as an outsider, but the Emperor knows she’s fire-branding hot to trot and he’ll make it happen for her. The other is the Three of Swords. There’s a lot of heartbreak behind this one. Maybe a steamy threesome will be the catalyst for a new start.

Shannon: How will you decide which one to publish?

Bella: I won’t. My pendulum will.

Shannon: Your pendulum? As in a crystal hanging on the end of a piece of string?

Bella: That’s the one. It’s a useful connection to have with things you can’t see.

Shannon: Tarot cards, pendulums. It’s all a bit weird.

Bella: Just like beauty, Shan, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Shannon: A month. We’ll talk about it in a month. For now, I need a lie down.

Bella: I’ll fetch your vibrator, shall I?